Connie Willett Heath's Collection

Garden City Pottery

My flower frogs with some of my other Garden City Pottery pieces

Flower frogs and ruffled bulb bowls came in matching colors, and sometimes the bowls came with factory-drilled drainage holes.

Identification Notes


Peter Christensen

The above photo of Connie's collection shows the two sizes of Garden City flower frogs. They have diameters of 3.5" and 5", and the smaller size has a rim running around the perimeter halfway up the side.

Colors not shown include orange, black, green, and possibly others.

Also, note that all of the flower frogs have two sizes of holes except for the one in the top center of the photo. If you search Google Images for Garden City flower frog you will find many examples like this. It is commonly assumed that these are Garden City flower frogs, though I haven't found documentation verifying it.

Confusion with Bauer Pottery

Photo courtesy Wendy Lewis

Note that the above search will also find examples of Bauer flower frogs, as there has been confusion over Garden City and Bauer flower frogs.

The identifying characteristic of Bauer flower frogs is their dimpled surface. You can clearly see it in each of the examples in this photo, which shows all three sizes of the Bauer dome-shaped flower frog.