John Walter's Collection

Glass Figurines



Draped Ladies

Clockwise from bowl:  Light Emerald, Amber, Peach-Blo, Moonlight Blue, and Gold Krystol

Note:  These figures also came in Satin versions.

Mandolin Ladies

Crystal and Dianthus Pink in regular and satin finishes

Rose Ladies

In Dianthus Pink, Emerald Green, Amber, and Crystal in satin and regular finishes with fluted and round bases

13¼" Draped Ladies with Fluted Bases

Left to right:  Crystal, Crystal Satin, Ivory, Peach-Blo, Emerald, Amber, and Emerald with Satin base

Two Kids

Left to right:  Amber, Amber Satin, Peach-Blo, Peach-Blo with oval base, Peach-Blo Satin, Moonlight Blue, Moonlight Blue Satin, Light Emerald, Emerald Satin, Crystal, and Crystal Satin

Mixed Figures

Left to right:  Amber Buddha, Light Emerald Melon Boy, Crystal One-Bun Geisha, Emerald One-Bun Geisha, Peach-Blo Eagle, Crystal Two-Bun Geisha, Emerald Two-Bun Geisha on lamp base, Peach-Blo Melon Boy, and Emerald Buddha

Note:  The Buddhas and Crystal Geishas should have screw-in bases as seen on the Emerald One-Bun Geisha.

Green Ladies and Buddha

This group is all in Emerald and Light Emerald, some in the Satin forms. And all glow under black light.

Parade of Colors

Left to right Heisey duck in Flamingo Pink with Cambridge eagle and ladies in Dianthus Pink* and Dianthus Pink Satin: Heisey Duck, Eagle on Stump, Bashful Charlotte 6½", Rose Lady 8½" (2), Draped Lady 8½" (2), Draped Lady 8½" with oval base, Two-Kids 9¼" (2), Two-Kids 9¼" with oval base, Mandolin Lady 9½" (2), Watermelon Boy 9¾", Bashful Charlotte 11½" (2), Draped Lady 12¾" (2), Draped Lady 13¼" with high fluted base

* Cambridge called their pink Peach-Blo until 1934 when they changed it to Dianthus Pink

Left to right in Crystal, Crystal Satin, and Ivory: 6½" Bashful Charlotte (2), 8½" Draped Lady (3), 8½" Rose Lady, 9¼" Two Kids (2), 9½" Mandolin Lady, 11½" Bashful Charlotte (2), 12¾" Draped Lady (2), and 13¼" Draped Lady Fluted Base (3)

Draped Lady

8½" in Gold Krystol and Gold Krystol Satin

Ivory Ladies

Small Draped Lady, Rose Lady on fluted base, and large Draped Lady on fluted base

Birds in Crystal

5½" Blue Jay, 8½" Sea Gull, small Heron, and 9" Heron

Watermelon Boy

9¾" in Dianthus Pink and Emerald


In Dianthus Pink aka Peach-Blo

Dish or Flower Frog Combo

With Rosalie etch, and optional flower frog


Float bowl set with fir cone bowl (see next photo)

Underside of fir cone bowl (see previous photo)

Josef Inwald

Poisson bowl set in pink

Poisson bowl set in green


Stump Lady bowl set in green

Stump Lady bowl set in pink

Walther & Söhne

Pelikan bowl set in blue

Hollanderin (or similar Groningen or Primus) bowl set with 2-piece flower frog

Pelikan in frosted pink

Pelikan in both flower frog and Berlin bowl and base

Flotenspieler float bowl set

Arabella bowl set

Other Manufacturers

Andromeda Equinox bowl set by Bagley

Scarf Dancer in Pink Satin by New Martinsville

Duck in Flamingo by Heisey

Unidentified Manufacturers

Nymph set in amber with mirrors

Nymph set in amber satin with mirrors

Nymph set in blue with mirrors