Kevin Harper's Collection

Kevin collects a wide range of antiques and if you'd like to see more of his flower frogs and other treasures, you'll find many more photos displayed in Kevin's Facebook group, The Harper Collection.

You will also find stunningly beautiful Art Deco glass pieces for sale in Kevin's Etsy store, DecoGlassAustralia.

Walther & Sohne

Flower frog inserts

Flower frogs

Schweig Muller

Boy on a fish in a lily bowl

Girl on a tortoise flower frog


Green cloud glass

Orange cloud glass

Amber cloud glass

Amethyst cloud glass

Posy bowls, all cloud glass except for the one that's front and center

320 flower sets

Base with studs to hold flower frog in place

Cloud glass flower frogs

Frankart circa 1920s

Reproductions are available, some even from the original molds. But they are made with aluminum and are much lighter weight.


Posy bowl titled The Wishing Well

Kevin's Home

Some of Kevin's collection displayed at home