Glass Blocks

Blocks, or non-figural flower frogs, are distinguished by the characteristic of not having a figure on top.

Glass blocks came in two forms:


Peter Christensen's Collection

For multiple views of each flower frog and tips on identification see My Glass Collection.

My Cambridge Flower Frog Collection
My Fostoria Flower Frog Collection
My Westmoreland Flower Frog Collection
My Flower Frogs by Japana, Davidson, and Viking

Clockwise from the figurine: Co-Operative Flint, Beaumont, Japana, Viking, Northwood, and Davidson

My Fenton Flower Frog Collection
My LE Smith Flower Frog Collection
My Unidentified Glass Flower Frog Collection

Brook's Amazing Colors

Kevin Harper's Collection

You can see more of Kevin's collection on the Glass Figurines and Metal pages, and in his Facebook group, The Harper Collection.


Green cloud glass

Orange cloud glass

Amber cloud glass

Amethyst cloud glass

Posy bowls, all cloud glass except for the one that's front and center

320 flower sets

Base with studs to hold flower frog in place

Cloud glass flower frogs

The Parker-Rutland Collection

You can see the full collection on The Parker-Rutland Collection page.

Even clear glass can be beautiful