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Flower Frogs



On this website, Metal Flower Frogs presents photos and identification of over 500 different examples indexed by brand. The only written resource for metal flower frogs is Bonnie Bull's book, above.


Anchor Hocking Glass Company:

Note:  Hocking Glass Company was renamed Anchor Hocking Glass Company in 1937.

Awaji Pottery:

Bagley Glass:

Bauer Pottery:

Beaumont Glass Company:

Brockwitz Glass:

Brush-McCoy Pottery Company:

Note:  Brush-McCoy Pottery Company was renamed Brush Pottery Company in 1925.

Caliente Pottery:

California Faience:

Camark Pottery:

Cambridge Glass Company:

Carlshutte Glass:

Carlton Ware:

Catalina Island Pottery:

Cliftwood Art Potteries:

Note:  Cliftwood Art Potteries and Morton Potteries were two separate companies, but both resided in Morton, IL, and both were run by members of the same family. They are further associated through the below book on Morton, which presents Cliftwood flower frogs. And lastly, while there is not a Facebook group for Cliftwood, their products are discussed in the Morton group.

Co-Operative Flint:

Cowan Pottery Studio

Crown Crystal Glass Company:

Davidson & Co. Glass:

Dryden Pottery:

Falcon Ware:

Note:  Falcon Ware was made by Thomas Lawrence Ltd at Falcon Works in Longton, England.

Fenton Art Glass Company:

Fostoria Glass Company:

Fulper Pottery:

Garden City Pottery:

Garden of the Gods Pottery:

Haeger Potteries:

Heisey Glass:

Hertwig and Company:

Hocking Glass Company:  See Anchor Hocking Glass Company

Japan:  See Made in Japan

Japana Specialty Company:

Jobling & Co. Glass:

Josef Inwald:

L.E. Smith Glass Company:

Libochovice Glassworks:

Made in Japan:

While there are flower frogs marked with the names of many different countries, so many of those manufactured in Japan are unidentifiable as to manufacturer that "Made in Japan" aka MIJ is often used as would be the name of a manufacturer.

Morton Potteries:  See Cliftwood Art Potteries

New Martinsville Glass Company:

Note:  New Martinsville Glass Company was renamed Viking Glass Company in 1944.

Niloak Pottery:

Northwood Glass Company:

Peters & Reed Pottery:

Note:  Peters & Reed Pottery was renamed Zane Pottery Company in 1921.

Red Wing Pottery:

Rookwood Pottery:

Rosemeade Wahpeton Pottery:

Roseville Pottery:

Rosice Glass:

Schweig, Müller & Company:

Sequoyah Orphan School:

Shawnee Pottery:

Sitzendorf Porcelain:

Sowerby Glassworks:

Stangl Pottery:

Summit Art Glass Company:

Tuscan Porcelain:

Van Briggle Art Pottery:

Note:  Van Briggle Pottery Company was renamed Van Briggle Art Pottery in 1931.

Viking Glass Company:

Note:  New Martinsville Glass Company was renamed Viking Glass Company in 1944.

Walther & Söhne:

Weller Pottery:

West Coast Pottery

Westmoreland Glass Company:

Wilkinson Porcelain:

Zane Pottery Company:  See Peters & Reed Pottery

Zanesville Stoneware Company: