Flower Frogs in Use

As any flower frog collector will tell you, we are frequently asked how flower frogs are used. The goal of this page is to answer that question through photographs. Photo credits appear in [brackets].

"Scent Is the Soul of Flowers"

– Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Viking Flowerlites and Sowerby Posey Bowl [Fiona King]

[Sunny Staudenmeir]

[Sunny Staudenmeir]

[Yvonne Stein]

[catalice on eBay]

[Eliz Figaniak]

Camark cranes [Eliz Figaniak]

Hertwig, Germany [Marcia Carter Bradley]

Viking Flowerlite [ZuzuVintageFinds on Etsy]

Made in Japan [Marcia Carter Bradley]

Brush bowl with built-in frog [Paul Lanouette]

Made in England [MargueriteEtLeontine on Etsy]

Viking Flowerlite [Marcia Carter Bradley]

Made in Germany [Marcia Carter Bradley]

[CreekLifeTreasures on Etsy]

Art Deco, Czechoslovakia [fiftieshomestyle on Etsy]

[Peter Niles]

[Karen Keeton Palmer]

Lotus in Thailand [ภัทรธิดา ศรีอรุณ]

Made in Germany [Marcia Carter Bradley]

Fulper bowl and scarab flower frog [Ken Lay]

"Necessity Is the Mother of Invention"

– 16th Century Proverb


[Kevin Harper]

[Kerri Chojnowski Goff]

[FavrileFinds on Etsy]

[EdgarAltons on Etsy]