Flower Frog Collections

Most popular during the first half of the 20th century, flower frogs were used to arrange flowers and were likely called "frogs" because they were set in water. Made from ceramic, glass or metal, they came in a great variety of forms ranging from beautiful nudes to odd wire contraptions, all fun to collect.

I collect blocks, a term for non-figural flower frogs that came in two forms. Inserts were often sold with a matching bowl, and the flower stems were placed in the holes of the "frog" as it set in water in a bowl. Lids were sold with a vase, and the flower stems were placed through the holes and down into the water.

My collection appears below and is detailed in Ceramic Blocks ID and Glass Blocks ID. Use the MENU to view these pages, additional educational information, and other types of flower frog collections.

Peter Christensen

My Flower Frog Collection


Left to right: Awaji, Rosemeade,
Red Wing, and Stangl

My Flower Frogs by Awaji, Fulper, Red Wing, Stangl, and Rosemeade

I have just one item from each of these manufacturers


My Brush-McCoy Flower Frog Collection


My Fulper Flower Frog Collection


My Haeger Flower Frog Collection

Peters & Reed

My Peters & Reed Flower Frog Collection


My Rookwood Flower Frog Collection
My Rookwood Flower Frog Collection

Rookwood Pie

My Rookwood Flower Frog Collection

Rookwood Jewels


My Roseville Flower Frog Collection

Van Briggle

My Van Briggle Flower Frog Collection


My Weller Flower Frog Collection

Weller Rounds

Cupcake Flower Frogs by Weller

Weller Cupcakes

Easter Basket of Flower Frogs by Weller

Easter Basket


My Zanesville Flower Frog Collection

Crown Flower Holders

Mushroom-like Flower Frogs by Zanesville

They do look a bit like mushrooms


My Unidentified Ceramic Flower Frog Collection


Clockwise from The Little Pig:
Co-Operative Flint, Beaumont, Japana,
Viking, Northwood, and Davidson

My Flower Frogs by Japana, Davidson, and Viking

I have just one item from each of these manufacturers

Anchor Hocking

My Anchor Hocking Flower Frog Collection


My Cambridge Flower Frog Collection


My Fostoria Flower Frog Collection

These are all from the same mould

L.E. Smith

My LE Smith Flower Frog Collection


My Westmoreland Flower Frog Collection


My Unidentified Glass Flower Frog Collection

Other Photos

Some of My Small Glass Flower Frogs

The Frog King and His Court

Some of My Pretty Ceramic Flower Frogs

Kitchen window with hummingbird on feeder

Some of My Pretty Ceramic Flower Frogs

Pretty Ceramics

The Flower Frogs on My Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Some of My Pretty Glass Flower Frogs

Pretty Pastels

My Green Glass Flower Frogs

Lime Jello